Yes, I finally finished the book. (On Amazon, Badass: Making Users Awesome)

It’s the book version of my more recent Badass Users talks, but with more details and references and an overall plan for helping your users (or you) move forward and become more skillful.

And I made a book trailer because apparently you’re supposed to make a trailer for your book now. I had fun with it.

Dan Pink’s book/talks “Drive” changed my life. For real. Everyone says things like that, but if you know the story about my horse Draumur, you know why I’m not exaggerating. His work over the years has influenced much of my work (including “Badass”), and when I learned he blurbed the book I was over the moon.

In BADASS: Making Users Awesome, Kathy Sierra — one of our brightest business minds — offers up a surprising insight into what makes certain offerings shine in a competitive marketplace. Believe it or not, many people don’t care how awesome your product is. Instead, they care about how awesome they are when they use your product. If you can tap into that motivation, you’ve got gold. This books shows you how.”
— Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell is Human and DRIVE

Boing Boing / Cory Doctorow did a review so lovely I nearly fainted. Cory f'n Doctorow.

For those of you who know about my Head First Java book, Badass is in many ways the story of how we thought about, designed, and created what became the longest-running tech bestseller on Amazon for the past decade. There was no magic in that book, just a relentless commitment to helping people with a difficult topic.

And to those who’ve bought the book, I thank you and the horses thank you. I have made my living 100% from my book sales. If you pirate any of my books because you can’t afford to buy them, I’m OK with that. I’d rather you have the book than not. But if you find one of my books useful and can one day buy a copy for a friend, I’d appreciate it.