My boy Draumur (means “dream” in Icelandic).

My boy Draumur (means “dream” in Icelandic).

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Not all that technology replaces is obsolete

100 years after horses were declared "obsolete", the recreational horse industry in the United States alone is $40billion. Yes, that's with a "b". Sometimes a technological replacement reveals a deeper underlying value. From printed books to vinyl records, not everything rendered obsolete vanishes. 

Let’s clear something up about the Icelandic horse... In the U.S., people often mistake Icelandic horses for cute little ponies. [Music licensed from]

Book trailer for “Badass: Making Users Awesome” by Kathy Sierra, published by O'Reilly Media. Everyone says you’re supposed to do a book trailer now, so I did. I made it myself in Final Cut Pro X, with footage from Shutterstock, used by permission.

Serious Pony (Kathy Sierra)

Icelandic horses, books, code, context design

Meet the horses at our Icelandic farm.


You may know me from javaranch, the Head First books, my new Badass Users book, or from my days as a programmer and programming instructor, or my old blog from a previous life, Creating Passionate Users, which I ended in 2007.

This new blog is mostly about the science of badass, with a little UX, learning theory, game design, DSLR video, horses, and code.

Warning: there will be ponies. Not just any pony, but the horse of the vikings. 

I'm also starting to learn photography and video shooting/editing. Most of the horse photos (including the Pony Gallery) were taken by me. The videos on this page are are so far my favorites. I hope you watch them :)

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I owe my return to Webstock New Zealand and Business of Software. If you were a participant at either of those events recently, you probably understand. And thank-you.

Update: October 10,2014. @seriouspony will no longer be on Twitter. Just not the place I want to be now. But you can find my videos on YouTube (and some of my newer ones on Vimeo).

To my readers from long ago: I've missed you. More than you know.

  --Kathy, July 2013


[if you're looking for the teaching-myself-Clojure music game and code, click here]